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Yamaha MODX8+ 88 GHS-weighted Key Synthesizer

  • Keys: 88
  • Keybed: Weighted action
  • Polyphony: 256 notes (128 AWM2 + 128 FM-X)
  • Internal Flash memory: 1.75GB
  • Weight: 30.4 lb.

The Yamaha MODX8+ features a graded-hammer action keybed, for an authentic acoustic piano touch, making it an excellent choice for piano players. The MODX8+ is the largest keyboard of its family, but still has the portable characteristics that make it a MODX+ synthesizer. MODX8+ has 88 weighted-action keys that make it a delight to play. Like the rest of the MODX+ series, MODX8+ gets its power from the same technology found in the flagship MONTAGE keyboard, combining Yamaha’s AMW2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) technology, and the advanced synthesis capability of FM-X (Frequency Modulation). MODX8+ provides 128 notes of AWM2 polyphony as well as 128 notes of FM-X polyphony—double the original MODX8. Together, these two iconic sound engines provide an impressive palette for playback and complex sound design. If you're looking for a cutting-edge technology in a full 7-octave synth, the Yamaha MODX8+ is an outstanding choice.