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Nord Piano 5 88 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Out of the gate with dual piano engines, dual sample synths, and twice the memory of the previous generation, the 88-key Nord Piano 5 makes a case to be the only keyboard you need. With 9 grands, 9 uprights, 10 electric pianos, clavinet, digital pianos, a marimba, and a Vibraphone, plus more available for download, it's case closed!

Nord's signature Virtual Hammer Action technology delivers the authenticity and dynamics of a full piano, allowing you to play the way you feel, knowing the piano will follow. You'll also get two independent pianos and sample synths that can be used simultaneously in a variety of split or Layer configurations. Nrod's Advanced String Resonance recreates the harmonic sympathy between actual piano strings and delivers striking ambiance when played with the pedal down.

Featuring exclusively licensed sounds from Mellotron and Chamberlin, the reworked sample synth section is built around two fully-featured and independent Layers. You also get samples from Symphobia and Swing! libraries by ProjectSAM, and of course you can create unique sample instruments thanks to Nord's Sample Editor software for Mac and Windows.

The Nord Piano 5 comes loaded with a range of stereo effects allowing you to further personalize your experience. Fully tweakable EQ, delay, and reverb, as well as stompbox modeled effects like phase, chorus, flange, and more, can be freely assigned to any layer in the Piano and Sample Synth section.

The Nord Piano 5-88, lose yourself in the music.

Nord NORD-PIANO5-88 Features:

  • 88-note Triple Sensor keybed with grand weighted action NEW2 independent
  • Nord Virtual Hammer Action Technology
  • Advanced Layering (2 Pianos + 2 Sample Synths)
  • Advanced KB Split with optional crossfades
  • OLED display for excellent overview Piano Layers
  • 120 Voice Polyphony
  • Creative Piano Timbre options including Dyno filter3 Dynamic Curves to suit any playing style
  • Dynamic Pedal Noise with Nord Triple Pedal
  • Advanced String Resonance
  • Soft Release
  • All sounds are replaceable
  • 2 independent Sample Synth Layers
  • 2x memory for Nord Sample Library
  • Soft and Bright filters
  • Tru-Vibrato
  • Unison mode for rich, ensemble sounds
  • Attack, Decay/Release and Dynamic controls
  • All sounds are replaceable