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About Us

The Music Firm is a FULL SERVICING -ONE STOP SHOP consulting facility that services its clients through Piano Lessons, Drum Lessons, Bass Lessons, Singing Lessons, Voice training, Music theory courses, and so much more. WE ALSO SALE AUDIO EQUIPMENT AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS VIA OUR ONLINE STORE AND OUR PHYSICAL STORE.

We provide churches, schools, facilities, and production companies with project management packages. This feature assists our customers in the design of their music departments. This includes the breakdown of the participants, helping them get the equipment, and scheduling installation right here with the firm.

That's right! We are a full-service consulting facility. We are a Christian-based business therefore, we offer some free services to help our customers and clients in the area of music ministry through mentorship.

We also specialize in musician networking, helping musicians in this region find work in their desired field.